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Nurse Accessories
Penlights | Nurse | Medical
[column col=”1/2″][/column] [column col=”1/2″] Penlights [space height=”10″] This disposable pupil gauge penlight is clip activated, and features plastic construction, pupil gauge imprint and standard illumination. [space height=”10″] (310) 829-1777 [/column]   [divider scroll_text=”back to top”]
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Kelly Forceps | Prestige 500
[column col=”1/2″] Straight Kelly Forceps These straight blade Kelly forceps will grasp objects too small for fingers to hold. These forceps feature high-quality stainless steel construction so they hold up to constant use and sterilization. • 5-1/2″ straight blade Kelly forceps • Stainless steel • High-quality stainless steel [/column] [column col=”1/2″] Curved Kelly Forceps These...
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CPR Mask | Resuscitator
[column col=”1/2″] CPR Resuscitator [space height=”10″] [space height=”10″] Latex-free air cushion conforms to facial contours One-way valve w/ anti-viral filter to prevent cross contamination Comes in hard shell storage case [/column] [column col=”1/2″] CPR Mask w/ Keychain [space height=”10″] [space height=”10″] Single use CPR mask w/ 3M anti-viral filter Patented one-way valve prevents cross contamination...
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Medical Shears | Scissors
Medical Shears / EMT Scissors The Medical Shears feature razor sharp, super-hardened surgical stainless steel blades with one serrated edge to cut through the toughest materials. The ADC 320 Shears have contoured polypropylene handles with large ring to provide maximum control and comfort. Stainless steel blades with one serrated edge Extra large rivet with a...
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Scrubs | Nurse Accessories
Unisex Scrubs V-neck Tops; Single Breast Pocket Pants: drawstring waisand t back pocket w/ side cargo pocket. Made from Cotton & Polyester (Sueded) Ideal for Physicians, Nurses, and Caregivers [space height=”15″] (310) 829-1777
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