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McGuire Urinal Kit

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McGuire Urinal Kit Diagram

McGuire Standard Male Urinary Kit

A lightweight and comfortable solution to incontinence management with a quick & easy application method that eliminates the need for inconvenient multiple changes, adhesives, and adhesive removers. This is an effective and economical daytime alternative to adult under pads and diapers for men. It can serve either as a drip urinal  for those that are only partially incontinent or with the use of the various supplied adapters, it can be directly connected to any reusable or disposable leg bag.

  • Stretchable Fabric Waist Band with laced Closure for maximum Comfort and Fit
  • Detachable Latex Sheath for Easy Cleaning
  • Includes Adaptors for Connection to Most urinary Leg Bags or Drainage Systems