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DeVilbiss PulmoNeb LT Nebulizer

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All Oxygen Products Require Prescription
Medical Oxygen requires a doctor’s prescription because it is considered a drug as well as a hazardous material. The prescription must also have a DIAGNOSIS and LITER FLOW RATE to be considered a Valid Prescription. This Flow Rate is considered the dosage of the drug that is prescribed by the doctor.

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There are many choices available to nebulizer users. Wishing Well’s staff is more than happy to answer any and all questions to help you find the products and arrangements unique to your needs.

Wishing Well Medical carries the brand names you trust such as Pari, Omron, DeVilbiss.

The PulmoNeb LT compressor nebulizer is an exceptionally small and lightweight compressor that offers optimal performance with the VixOne™ disposable nebulizer (included). While developed to deliver superior performance (it’s tested to 1000 hours of use), this advanced compressor system doesn’t carry the superior price. The small footprint means it will fit anywhere, and the lightweight design and built-in carrying handle underneath the frame makes it easy to store or take with you. Also the stand for the nebulizer cup makes it easy to keep pieces together.

Should you choose to upgrade to the optional VixOne™ reusable nebulizer for this set, expect improved nebulization of your medication, along with faster treatment times. Otherwise, the disposable nebulizer will need to be replaced after just two weeks. The black color of this compressor’s shell maintains its appearance, even after years of use.