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Looking for a Motorized Wheelchair Today? Call Wishing Well Medical Supply!

If you or your loved one needs a high-quality motorized wheelchair today, Wishing Well Medical Supply has what you need. Call them today at(310) 829-1777 and reserve your motorized wheelchair now.

Their Santa Monica motorized wheelchair, electric wheelchair and transport wheelchair company has a wide selection to fit your needs. The firm has served the LA region for more than 33 years. Their highly knowledgeable medical device customer service personnel are standing by to help you today.

What You Should Know About Electric Wheelchairs

When you are shopping for an electric wheelchair, there are some important factors to remember:

  • Speed: Consider how fast you need to go. Power wheelchairs usually can travel at 4-6 miles per hour. Note that rear-wheel-drive motorized wheelchairs are easier to maneuver at high speeds.
  • Free wheel: Some power wheelchairs have this. When it is in freewheel mode, it releases the wheels so it can be pushed manually. This is useful if your wheelchair runs out of battery power.
  • Desk and table clearance: Choose a transport wheelchair that allows you to fit under a table or desk. Be certain the armrests and controls can fit under a table or desk, too.
  • Difference between a power wheelchair and mobility scooter: Power wheelchairs are more for indoor use, while mobility scooters are made more for the outdoors. A mobility scooter often is controlled by a tiller and an electric wheelchair is controlled by a joystick.
  • How to quality for Medicare coverage: Your doctor must conduct a mobility evaluation and give you a prescription. The wheelchair has to be medically necessary so you can complete activities of daily living at home. The doctor also must certify you cannot do these things with a walker, cane, manual wheelchair or mobility scooter. Wishing Well Medical Supply can help answer your questions about getting your wheelchair covered by Medicare.
  • What are the different types of wheels on electric wheelchairs? Power wheelchairs have either pneumatic tires that are full of air and generally have a gentler ride. They also have more traction and stability. Pneumatic wheels must be inflated when they go flat and they can be punctured. Foam-filled wheels cannot be punctured but the ride is not as smooth as the other type of tire.

Wishing Well Medical Supply Is Ready to Help With Your Transport Wheelchair Needs

If you need a good power wheelchair and want the best prices and selection in LA, please visit Wishing Well Medical Supply. The store is conveniently located at 2314 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica CA 90404. Call (310) 829-1777 or visit www.wishingwellmedicalsupply.com. They have a motorized wheelchair that is perfect for your needs, so contact them today!

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