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Hospital Bed Rentals

Need The Best Hospital Bed Rental? Call Wishing Well Medical Supply Now!

If you need to a high-quality, affordable hospital bed rental, you can count on Wishing Well Medical Supply! Their Santa Monica medical supply company has served the area for more than 33 years. Their knowledgeable, helpful staff will help you with your medical equipment rental and get you the best hospital bed rental for your needs.

What You Should Know About Your Hospital Bed Rental

As you are looking for durable medical equipment and hospital bed rentals, experts advise you keep these tips in mind:

Control Mechanisms

Most modern hospital beds are electrically powered. The bed is usually controlled by a remote control with assorted buttons to raise and lower parts of the bed. This can be useful for caregivers or patients. Be wary of gatch beds where everything is controlled by hand cranks. Those are more affordable but require a lot more effort to manage.

Specialized Beds

Low beds are perfect for patients who may fall out of bed even if it has side rails, such as with people who have seizures. These hospital bed rentals usually are only one or two feet off the floor. People who opt for this bed have to be able to stand from a low position. Or they will require a caregiver to help them.

Low air loss beds are like an air mattress; they have special inflated sacs throughout the mattress. They can relieve some pressure on the body as it presses on the bed. This can vital to avoid bedsores. This type of bed also may suit burn victims or skin graft patients.

Circo electric beds are good for patients with major burns or spinal injuries who cannot move normally. The bed allows for repositioning and turning the patient so the lungs and circulatory system can keep working right.

Clinitron beds are a more expensive, high tech model of low air loss beds. Rather than being filled with air, they are filled with a sandy material that warm air is pumped through. This keeps a steady temperature in the bed and relieves pressure wounds. Renting a hospital bed can be a good choice if you have someone who will need a bed for the short or medium term. Many insurance companies will cover the cost of the bed, so be sure to check with your insurance company before deciding.

Contact Wishing Well Medical Supply Today for Your Medical Equipment Rental Needs!

If you need a good hospital bed rental and want the best selection in the city, there is only one place to go! Wishing Well Medical Supply is conveniently located at 2314 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica CA 90404. Call (310) 829-1777 or visit www.wishingwellmedicalsupply.com. We have the hospital bed rental that will suit your needs and specifications, so contact us today!

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