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There are many choices available to oxygen users. Wishing Well’s staff is more than happy to answer any and all questions to help you find the products and arrangements unique to your needs.

*All Oxygen Products Require a Doctor’s Prescription

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portable oxygen concentrators store in los angeles
Portable Oxygen Concentrators


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Oxygen Cylinders Los Angeles | Santa Monica
Oxygen Cylinders


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Has your doctor prescribed supplemental oxygen?
    • Oxygen Concentrators:

      Powered by electricity, concentrators pull oxygen from room air and filters it into pure Oxygen. An oxygen concentrator is safe, efficient, and can be used throughout the home.

    • Portable Oxygen Concentrators (POCs):

      Most airlines will accept POCs which are lightweight, quiet, and run on a chargeable battery unit & AC adapter.

    • Gas Filled, Oxygen Cylinders:

      Portable cylinders, which come in several sizes, weigh between 11 and 14 pounds, and the supply usually lasts between 3-5 hours. Cylinders are usually transported with a cart,

  • Oxygen Conserving Devices:

    These allow oxygen to flow only when you inhale, and they extend teh life of a cylinder or liquid unit.


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oxygen concentrators los angeles | Santa Monica
Oxygen Concentrator


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oxygen conserving devices los angeles | Santa Monica
Oxygen Conserving Devices


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