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Luxury Adjustable Bed Rentals

luxury adjustable beds rental
Luxury Adjustable Bed Rentals | Los Angeles

Wishing Well Medical Supply Rents and Sells Comfort Control © Brand Luxury Adjustable Beds. Comfort Control Beds © are exclusive to Wishing Well Medical and we are committed to selling you the most comfortable bed in the world.


The Comfort Control bed will help you ease everyday pressure, tension, and fatigue by adjusting to your unique body. It will allow you to better distribute your body weight and cradle you in unmatched comfort.


The Comfort Control; Bed comes in all standard sizes (and custom sizes) and will easily fit onto your existing headboard. When in it’s flat positions, the Comfort Control bed is the same height as most standard beds.


We offer a wide variety of optional massage and wireless control systems that further enhance the capabilities and comfort of the Comfort Control Bed. Call or visit us for complete details.

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